Private Lessons

Private Intensive Study /Training is a good idea for several reasons.

You accelerate your learning process with personalized attention, you get your questions answered, and you get a physical experience of dancing with, being corrected by, the teacher.

You catch up with group class material. The clarity and confidence you build through privates helps make the group class experience more rewarding. One way to make the most of privates is to take them regularly but spaced out, with group class, practice, and dance hall experiences in between.

Daniel, Cyla, Romney, Ana, and other staff are all available.

Daniel also teaches Jazz Rhythm Tap, Cuban Salsa, Contact Improvisation, and Movement Education on Pilates style equipment.

Movement Education is for understanding how to use your body efficiently, and for guiding rehabilitation from injury.

Individual sessions or 5 & 10 hour packages are available.

Schedule and fees by phone: 413-522-2225